Music review: BBC SSO, City Halls, Glasgow

“With adver­tised con­duc­tor Martyn Brabbins ill last week, his place was tak­en most­ly by John Wilson, but with the young Sergej Bolkhovets – a con­duct­ing fel­low at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland – draft­ed in for Dvorak’s Serenade for Wind Instruments. (…) Bolkhovets exer­cised his filler task with effort­less efficiency.”

Published in The Scotsman, 26. November 2019


theartsdesk at the Pärnu Music Festival 2018 — Pärt, Leonskaja and friends hard at play

(…) “The con­duct­ing stu­dents (of the Järvi Conducting Academy) shared the Academy lime­light in anoth­er unusu­al pro­gramme:  (…) three women, three men shared Tchaikovsky’s Third Symphony. The most expe­ri­enced was Sergej Bolkhovets, who made a blaz­ing case for the Third’s tricky finale (and no cuts à la Temirkanov).”

Article by David Nice, pub­lished 13 August 2018 on The Arts Desk


RNCM Symphony Orchestra at Royal Northern College Of Music

(…) “The piece (‘Les Offrandes Oubliees’ [The Forgotten Offerings] by Olivier Messiaen) was con­duct­ed by Sergej Bolkhovets, who con­trolled the orches­tra with accus­tomed skill, high­ly con­fi­dent and mas­ter­ful, the paus­es in this piece was excel­lent­ly observed. A delight to watch.” (…)

Article by Matthew Dougall, pub­lished Nov.2017 in Manchester Salon


“Starting the Summer with Beethoven’s Fifth”

“Since October 2014 the vio­lin­ist and con­duc­tor Sergej Bolkhovets has been on the podi­um, rehears­ing for the last months a very demand­ing reper­toire with the Vielharmonisches Orchester.

(…) The colours of the music trans­port­ed the audi­ence to Scottish land­scapes with the over­ture “The Hebrides” by Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy. Very expres­sive musi­cal images were cre­at­ed, the orches­tra achieved a very col­or­ful sound for the nature scene and trav­el impres­sions includ­ed in the music.

(…) The orches­tra proved to be an exquis­ite part­ner. The indi­vid­ual moods of the vari­a­tions giv­en by the soloist were ade­quate­ly trans­mit­ted, and the orches­tra musi­cians react­ed instant­ly to the pre­cise instruc­tions of Sergej Bolkhovets. Of course, every con­duc­tor wants to prove him­self in one of Ludwig van Beethoven’s sym­phonies. Sergej Bolkhovets had cho­sen the “Symphony No. 5 in C Minor” with the orches­tra. (…) With wit and well-measured pathet­ics this work sound­ed in an appeal­ing inter­pre­ta­tion. Here it was shown that this work can cap­ti­vate every lis­ten­er with his con­cise power.”

Article by Axel Engels, pub­lished on July 6th, 2015 in Westfälische Nachrichten



The Halle Orchestra with RNCM students at RNCM

(…) “In this evening’s per­for­mance the orches­tra was con­duct­ed by the RNCM’s Junior Fellow in Conducting, Sergej Bolkhovets. I have seen Bolkhovets a few times now and real­ly admire his style and con­trol, and he is love­ly to watch too, as he immers­es him­self in the music he is play­ing but nev­er let­ting it over­take him, keep­ing a firm and mas­ter­ful grip on the play­ers in front of him.” (…)

Article by Matthew Dougall, pub­lished Jan.2018 in Manchester Salon


“Our Manchester performers were enchanted by RNCM’s Cendrillon”

“Jules Massenet’s score is phe­nom­e­nal. The assured con­duct­ing by Sergej Bolkovets of the tremen­dous orches­tra sweeps us along through the story.“

Article by Anita Ferguson, pub­lished in Streetwise Opera


With Enthusiasm Through Four Musical Centuries

“With a col­or­ful mix­ture of four cen­turies of sym­phon­ic music, the Vielharmonische Orchester gained great sym­pa­thy on Saturday and Sunday in the sold out con­cert at St. Petri Church. The young con­duc­tor Sergej Bolkhovets had pre­pared the musi­cians well for more than two hours of pro­gram.
(…) From the begin­ning in “Alla Hornpipe” from Handel’s famous Water Music, it imme­di­ate­ly became clear what would be expect­ed: over­flow­ing joy of play­ing! At a fast tem­po the rhyth­mic accen­tu­a­tions sound­ed very live­ly, con­tain­ing the right drive. (…)“

Article by Ulrich Coppel, pub­lished on February 1st, 2016 in Westfälische Nachrichten